Sunday, September 25, 2016

California Gunmageddon

The deadline has come and gone.  No official word yet on the actual count, and apparently the 'counters' on the sponsoring web site are incorrect. 

I could go through the tactical blunders with this petition drive, but I'll hold off for now.  Suffice it to say that I was involved early on, providing legal advice and suggestions to the organizer.  Then the NRA got involved, and I got shut out.  That, in itself, doesn't bother me - more resources (which I don't have) are good, and too many cooks, etc. 

What does bother me is that they didn't play dirty.  By 'dirty' I don't mean encouraging illegal methods for gathering signatures.  I do mean using every trick available, and within the bounds of California Election Code, to get ink on the petitions. 

Opportunities for thousands of signatures were lost, and the opportunities were lost early on.  Since the clock was against us to start with, that may have been a fatal blunder.  I guess we'll know over the course of the coming weeks whether or not they nailed their own coffin shut.  Me?  I'm not playing ball with these new laws.  De Leon, Hancock, Brown, and the rest can go play in traffic for all I care.