Friday, February 21, 2014

Buy good tools to start with

A brief anecdote about why you should buy good tools from decent companies.

Thirty years ago, my dad had a little Buck 309 pocket knife.  I remember it well, as he used it for most every cutting task imaginable.  One day, he used it for some unimaginable task and broke off the large blade close to the pivot.  Since he had another one, he gave me the busted one.  I was 10 or 11, it was a knife with one working blade and one busted blade. 

That stuff is treasure to young boys.  I don't know why -- it just is.

Fast-forward 30 years, minus 2 weeks.  I still have that busted knife.  Again, I don't know why -- sentiment, maybe? (dad is still around, thankfully).  I got a wild hair and decide to send it to Buck under their "Forever Warranty".  To be clear, I did not say "Oops it just broke".  I said "Dad used this for years, he busted it, I don't know how.  Can you fix it?  I'll gladly pay, as it has sentimental value."  Not trying to beat them out of anything, I just wanted it fixed so I could carry it.

Last night a small box shows up from Buck.  In the box is the old knife, unrepaired.  Insert sad face here.  Next to it, in some wrap, is a brand new 309 and a little note saying to take care of this one, and that it too is a warranted knife.  I'm carrying that new knife today.  Buck has reinforced my desire to remain a customer (wouldn't have changed if they didn't fix the old knife), as I've been a customer myself for 25 years, too. 

Maybe it's cheap PR for them.  Maybe they know that sometimes the line between "use" and "abuse" gets blurred, whether on the trail or in the trades.  Maybe they really are just a decent company that wants happy customers (after all, it led to this blog post, right?) to spread the good word.  

Thursday, January 30, 2014

An Open Letter To The California Senate

State Senators:

I initially considered that this letter should be addressed to Senator Kevin DeLeon only.  On reflection, given the gravity of the attack on a fundamental civil right embodied in Senate Bill 808, I suspect the entire Senate should read these words:





Should the Assembly pass a version of SB 808, and should Governor Brown sign that legislation, the above words are what you will reap.  I have drawn my line in the sand.  I will no longer allow you to defecate your misplaced verbiage on my fundamental human rights. 

The State has no right, and certainly no moral or ethical grounds, to interfere with what I may or may not build in my garage. 

The State has no basis in fact to claim that such interference will reduce levels of violent crime.

The State sponsor of SB 808 has no factual or functional grasp on the subject matter he seeks to regulate and infringe. 

In short, I will defy your law.  I will disobey the State and all its agents.  I will conspire to assist others in doing the same.  I will rebel against this infringement on my civil rights and this incursion into my sphere of privacy. 

Make no mistake, I fully understand that to defy the likes of State power necessarily invites the risk of punishment and penalty.  If you like, you may start by taking away my license to practice law.  You may try to arrest me, try me, and imprison me.  I will make every effort to live free.  I will not live in fear of your immoral and unjust exercise of authority.

I have been a law-abiding gun owner for a long time.  Retaining the title of "law-abiding" requires that I continually cede bits and pieces of my fundamental rights in the names of "security", and "safety".  The premise that doing so is somehow sensible stands at odds with notions of justice and fairness, not to mention logic and reason.  I can no longer follow your edicts in good conscience.  I am obligated to follow just laws, and free to ignore those laws which are unjust.  This bill is an example of injustice and a corruption of reason. 

I will continue to actively recruit other like-minded individuals (if any exist) to stand united in defiance of your folly.  No longer shall we pass silently into the night.