Monday, February 18, 2013

Brain Dump

What's wrong with "May Issue" (i.e. California) permit systems.  They let the Sheriff play favorites.  That doesn't sound conducive to exercising the right of lawful self-defense, does it?

Kachalsky may be going up to SCOTUS.  Petition for cert. filed, amici briefs coming in.  HT Dave Hardy for the list.

Compare Kachalsky with Madigan.  The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, Posner writing, smacks down "No Issue" in Illinois.  Illinois AG Madigan has filed a petition of rehearing en banc.  Either way, we have a 7th/2nd Circuit split, so SCOTUS is likely to consider the question.  At least Scalia thinks so.  And I'm inclined to agree with him.  I predict this will refine the contours of the "most acute" language found in Heller, as applicable through MacDonald.  I also think we'll see something giving more guidance, if not an outright bright line, for necessary levels of scrutiny for different facets of the right. 

More gun companies (I think we're up to 7 now) are outright refusing sales to law enforcement in states with restrictive non-LE rules for ownership of firearms or parts.  This is good, and pressure should be brought on some of the bigger names, like Smith &Wesson and Ruger.  A quick way to make your voice heard is here (thanks to Firearms Policy Coalition). 

The Colorado house today passed a magazine capacity limit, along with some other dreck.  Magpul, presently located in CO, is threatening to pull out, taking their tax revenue and 600 jobs with them.  Good on Magpul. 

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