Friday, February 1, 2013

Are gun owners asking for a police state?

All this talk about armed guards in schools got me thinking. 

The problem with armed guards at (insert location here), is the possibility that the number and types of locations we choose to protect will increase.  Armed guards will become ubiquitous - the local Walgreens, the supermarket, more banks (they are scarce in banks around here, FWIW), Post Offices, theatres, Taco Bell, 7-11, and on and on. 

Eventually we will be living under the very police state most of us did not want in the first place.  And we will be living under it because we *asked* for it.  I think it is more or less irrelevant if the guards are sworn LE, retired LE, private security or even volunteer-and-trained LTC holders. 

Be careful what you ask for.  Me, I'm still on the side of better mental health services, better (not new, but more thorough) background checks via proper sharing of relevant criminal background and mental health information and 50-state "shall issue".

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