Tuesday, January 8, 2013

When writing your elected critter

It's early and I haven't had much coffee yet, so this morning's post will be short and sweet.

When (NOT "if") you get on the phone or write a letter to your local elected critter about all this gun control nonsense,  I encourage you to make part of the dialogue something like this:

"Since you have no proof that prior measures work, and since we already know criminals do not care about laws, why do you believe that punishing GOOD people will somehow stop BAD people?"

And then hammer on it.  Politicians are often masters of the 'redirect', aka 'the bob and weave'.  Why?  It is their lifeblood.  It's also something good lawyers can do in their sleep, and in some ways they're trained to learn the techniques (judges like to play 'pop quiz', for example).  Do not let them deviate.  Do not let them evade or answer-by-not-answering.  Each of us needs to hold their feet to the fire.  Even if you only get an emotional, illogical answer, that is a win.  Expose that answer, exploit it for what it is - irrational and lacking in foundation. 

In other words, you and I and everyone else need to continually work to discredit each and every politician out there.  Publicly. 

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