Monday, January 21, 2013

VT gun range raises a middle finger

Over in Vermont, the Burlington city council voted to ban semi-auto rifles based on their appearance, as well as standard capacity magazines.  So a local gun range said "That's nice, your cops can't train or shoot here any more.

We need MORE ranges, retailers, distributors and manufacturers to do this.  I call it "The Barrett Protocol."  Back when California banned .50BMG rifles, Ronnie Barrett said "F.U." to law enforcement in this state.  (the URL is legit, the text of various letters from Barrett are in the forums).

The problem is that LE rank-and-file should be (and often are) on OUR side.  The problem is with the chiefs pick by liberal extremists, the sheriffs that have to stand for election in liberal counties and the unions that are generally bought and paid for by liberal government largesse.  Hurting your neighborhood patrol cop by limiting his ability to buy parts and ammo, or by getting extra range time, is NOT a good thing.  But if enough of them feel the pinch and if enough of them bitch to the chief and the union, those gripes will in turn make it to local legislatures.  Maybe. 

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