Monday, January 28, 2013

These people suffer rectal-cranial inversion, i.e. Jackie Speier

San Mateo County had a gun buyback this past Saturday.  The local rag tossed up an article with a couple of captioned pictures.  

First off, Sheriff Munks in San Mateo County is an alright guy, as is most of his staff (at least the ones I have talked to and dealt with).  But he's got a bunch of lib-loons to answer to, so when things like this come up, he gets put in a tight spot.  Do I blame him for the buyback?  Not at all.  I blame his bosses.  I also blame media representations like those above for pushing, even if subliminally, an extremist, anti-Liberty agenda put forth by the Despotic Patricians. 

So I figured, "Hey, I'm 4 cups of coffee into the morning, lets slice off a piece of my mind for the Editor-in-Fail."  And that's what is below.  Keep in mind that they will often publish these, so there are word limits (500, if memory serves).  I was doing my best to keep it short.  That means certain arguments are concepts cannot be elaborate.  I don't like it, but we're all trying to work from within to bring about change.

My reply to the Editor, for what it's worth:

I take exception to your headline, your editorial bias and your misleading                                      
representation of the buyback.                                                                                  
For example, one photo shows J. Speier holding one of "many" assault                                            
weapons.  Fact - assault weapons made up roughly 3.5% (24 out of 680)                                           
of the firearms turned in.  How is 3.5% of a whole "many"?                                                      
Fact - so called "assault weapons" are a misnomer.  They are rifles with                                        
cosmetic features.  "They look different, therefore they must be bad" is                                        
the subtext - a logical fallacy.  The idea hearkens back to darker days                                         
when a person with certain "features" was presumed "bad", i.e. skin color.                                      
Sounds intolerant to me, be it Selma in 1920 or San Mateo in 2013.                                              
"Every weapon turned in is one less life that might be lost or damaged by                                       
a firearm, whether accidentally or intentionally...."  Fallacy.  No one                                         
made similar statements during Cash for Clunkers about each crushed car                                         
being one less life lost or damaged due to a drunk now not having that car                                      
to drive.                                                                                                       
A proper journalist would investigate these statements and think                                                
critically about how to craft a 'news' article.  What I see before me is a                                      
hit piece by a man with an agenda.  How about comparing 680 turn-ins with                                       
2.7 million NICS checks in December 2012 alone (each one representing a                                         
firearm sale).  These ill-conceived efforts don't even amount to a                                              
rounding error, but they make Speier & Friends look good.

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