Thursday, January 3, 2013

Not broken laws, broken states.

It's pretty obvious that the "gun control" debate should really be a debate about a few things.

First, broken state governments.  Second, a broken Federal government.  And third, in concert with the previous two, mental health.  Some of this almost reads like legislative sabotage.  Should the mentally ill have guns?  No, and I think there are plenty of other things the mentally ill should not be able to access.  But when you know of a failure in the system that can be corrected without impeding the law abiding, why not take the low hanging fruit? 

Of course you have to expect Bloomberg, Feinstein and the Brady folks to ignore state-level failings of this type, and instead focus on outright bans, confiscations, threatened police action and a general expansion of government power. 

We're dealing with statists, which is the opposite of what a liberal republican system of government calls for. 

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