Monday, January 28, 2013

Language counts

I'm tired of referring to the elected class in D.C. as tyrants or shills or criminals.  I felt that I needed something with a good ring to it, and a decent amount of bite. 

"Despotic patrician" is what I came up with last night. 

In other news, it looks like an actual AW *ban* is a no-go, politically.  That doesn't mean it is dead, since things happen in D.C. at the 11th hour.  But it appears that maybe a little light is filtering through the clouds of hysteria and unbridled emotion. 

Of course more onerous things are still on the horizon - magazine capacity limits, quasi-registration schemes, the mess the Despotic Patrician Cuomo pushed through in N.Y., other local and state regulations and the like.

On the upside, Firearms Policy Coalition is growing, having added 5 new member organizations.  I have noticed a lull in certain aspects of the pushback.  This is common and to be expected.  Both sides ramped up post-Sandy Hook, the Despotic Patricians decided to come out with a plan to dictate new rules to the plebians, and the Civil Rights activists started a large counter-push.  Now that reality is sinking in with those callow humans who seek re-election to the seats of power, they are reflecting, as well as attending to other business (you know, the business of actually governing). 

So there is necessarily a short break in the action.  However, this is NOT a time to rest.  In fact, NOW is when it is time to start a counter-offensive.  Not only must letters, emails, faxes and voicemails of opposition CONTINUE to flood their offices, but meaningful counter-proposals must be made public, pushed and eventually pinned on the so-called leadership of local, state and Federal government. 

You do not win a war simply by holding ground.  You win a war by meeting the enemy, destroying them and pushing into their territory.  They want to make laws?  Fine.  Have them make laws FOR the People, NOT against the People.  Some ideas (previously floated, not necessarily mine, either):

1.  Reciprocal LTC (I have a problem here with this being a state-not-Federal issue.

2.  Eliminate GFSZ, aka 'target' zones.

3.  Elimination of waiting periods in states.  Cooling-off periods have never been shown
     effective or useful.  NICS is sufficient.  Anything else is becoming an unreasonable
     burden on exercise of the right.

4.  Elimination of 'permits' or 'cards' merely to buy/possess.  An alternative here is to turn those
     cards into LTCs.  You'll see a surge in LTCs thereafter (a good thing).

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