Thursday, January 3, 2013

Friends and Foes

Massad Ayoob on standard capacity magazines and the very real and very reasonable need for them.  Not that this is about need, but it counters McCarthy's new magazine legislation nicely. 

For the record, McCarthy is grossly uninformed, arbitrary, and woefully lacking in the area of critical thought:

  1. Bad people can reload and mass shooters usually bring more than one firearm.
  2. 60 rounds in 2 magazines or 60 rounds in 6 magazines - you're still dead.  
  3. Magazine changes don't take that long to accomplish.  1-2 seconds, less for a pro.
  4. Why 10?  What is magical about 10?  Are we OK with "up to" 10 dead, but beyond that it just isn't OK anymore?  Sounds like they're willing to sacrifice 10 people on the Altar of Reason, but the basis for this is arbitrary and capricious.  In other words, it's political nonsense.
  5. Re: #2 above, if you have your own gun, maybe you're not dead.  But the politician power class can't have the plebians exercising such a dangerous right.
Speaking of dangerous rights, how about the Journal News?  That 1st Amendment thing has the potential to get some battered and abused women more battered and abused, if not killed.  At least Dennis Sant grew a set. 

Action points: Contact your Federal representatives at least once a week.  Fax, mail, email, phone, all of them.  Be polite but firm.  Threats get us nowhere, unless perhaps it's a credible threat about losing their next election.  If you're in a draconian state (Hi, Senator Leeland Yee!!), contact your equivalent State representatives as well, as often, in the same manner. 

They're going for broke, or some variant of "...and see what sticks".  Let's keep the walls clean, folks.  These are our civil rights...our enumerated civil rights, no less.

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