Friday, September 30, 2011

Firing back

I've gotten some snide communications regarding the wearing of orange, halfwits, etc.

The following is not a retraction.  It is an explanation. 

If you are hunting, and you cannot tell if the object in your $50 Tasco or $1500 Swarovski Z5 is human, animal, vegetable or mineral, stop right here.  I suggest you sell me your guns and ammo and take up knitting or quilting. 

The point is, blaze orange is a "fix" to compensate for stupidity.  By embracing the fix, we legitimize stupidity and carelessness and ultimately become accepting of "stupid" as the new norm.  Instead of taking the idiots out of the hunting community and beating them with a communal chunk of broken concrete, we keep allowing them to be part of the party.  I don't want that.  There are a vast number of counterpoints to my argument.  They might be valid.  It doesn't matter.  The bottom line is that orange exists as hunting attire to compensate for the dumbness of people.  If you really feel like accepting that and promoting the existence of that level of dumb in our hunting sports, shame on you. 

I'm no elitist.  I don't think you should have to afford a $1000 rifle and a $1000 scope or a $2500 shotgun just to partake in the hunting sports.  If all you can afford is a used rifle and a serviceable old scope (FYI old Leupolds are gold to me, and not that expensive.  Old Redfields rank up there too, and can be had cheap), then God love you and have at it, man.  What I do demand, of myself and others, is that we employ the grey matter between our ears to make good choices.  If I can't tell what my target is, I'm not going to pull the trigger.  If I have any sliver of doubt or question, I am not pulling the trigger.  Why not?  RULE NUMBER THE FOURTH!  THOU SHALT KNOW YOUR TARGET.  It's not "You'll have a pretty good idea of what you're shooting at."  No, that version gets people dead.  You will KNOW.  If you do NOT know, guess what?  A deer or a bear or a pig isn't worth it.  Be smart, another shot will come along someday.  Maybe even a better one. 

So, don't encourage a culture of Stupid & Fail.  Live, and live by, the 4 rules (the 4th was merely my illustrating example), and use your brain.  That's why you have it. 

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