Monday, April 18, 2011

Make your discontent known

Apparently, bitching loudly in the TSA "Fuck my civil liberties" lines gets you targeted for additional or more intrusive "inspection".

If find that interesting only because every time I've found myself in a TSA line, I purposefully bitch loudly and clearly and not once have they ever screwed with me.  It may also help that I throw my California State Bar card in the "change/keys/other crap" trays, right on top, for the screeners to see. 

Yes, I'm saying "I dare you.  I fucking double-dog-dare-you, asshole."  I guess they don't like the dare.  And it's nice to remind my fellow passengers how  a nation of free men and women should not EVER stand for this abuse silently. 

Basically since that last flight a couple of years ago, I won't fly any more.  Period.  I'm just not going to.  Maybe that means "they" have won or the terrorists have won or some other obscure entity has won.  Don't care. Not playing their goddamn game anymore. 

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