Saturday, March 19, 2011


According to Faux News and See Enn Enn, we've started expending cruise missiles (likely near their expiration date) on Libya.  The Brits are tossing theirs in the lot, too.  And to my surprise the French are actually involved in a shooting match of sorts. 

About time. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Anti-gunnies will sink to any level.

This blog post is funny. Not so much for the humor, but for the sheer inaccuracy.

Absent a member # and an expiration date (or an indicator of being a Life or EPL member), it's not a "membership card." Pay up and they put you on the rolls. Otherwise, you've been solicited as a potential member, but you're not one.

As for why the NRA isn't going to the Great Obama Gun Control Summit, you have to ask? Really? If a fire hydrant is in the way of where you want to park your car, do you think it'll move if you step out of the car and incessantly bang your head against it? No. Same applies to NRA, Obama and Gun Control.

The NRA has finite resources in terms of both time and money. Why burn either on a pointless exercise when the real work to be done is in Congress, in the State legislatures and at the grass roots level? The NRA doesn't have to resort to astroturfing, unlike some other activist organizations. They actually have real work to do.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Just a quick thought. If a firearm jams up, or a fishing reel won't strip line properly, don't force it. Use a little bit of the brains we've got, stop, think, and analyze. Take the mechanical device in question down to parts if you must. Solve the problem, don't make it worse.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nothing changes

A friend sent me this link today. I've seen the clip before in one of Carlin's DVDs. I know it's at least a few years old, and in the end, nothing has changed. Or maybe something has changed - his rant today might be more loud, vulgar and directed in 2011 than when he first came up with it. Can't say I'd blame him.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Take the advice, say thank you, and then practice more.

When it comes to a rifle and a shotgun, I consider myself able to hold my own as a marksman. I can hit 24" steel plates at 200 yards, offhand, with a Garand, and I do pretty well with sporting clays and real birds. Am I "Top Shot" material? Doubt it. Why? My pistol shooting sucks. Past 7 or 10 yards, it's like I go stupid with a pistol in my hand. Stance, grip, sight alignment and focus (front, not rear!) are all things I work on fervently. A friend of mine is a law enforcement officer, instructor, general gun guru and the best pistol shot I have ever been around. I've seen him take 27 yard pistol shots at things that I wouldn't bother with, or that I'd have to take the "Naval Artillery" approach with, i.e. bracket, then fire for effect.

Whenever I can, I look to him for tips, advice, feedback, criticism and anything else he can offer. That doesn't mean I would only seek his advice for all things pistol. If he had something to say about my rifle shooting, I'd give a hell of a lot of attention to it. There is no shame in not being the best, but there is plenty of stupidity involved in at least not listening to those more skilled than you.*

So when I saw this I was surprised. You have experts, professionals even, highly competent and motivated individuals who are trying to help you get better. The advice is free and the source is not suspect. Shut up, lose the ego, take the advice, practice the technique and get better. Seriously. If a bunch of clued-in people kindly say "Dude, you're doing it wrong", pay attention.

* - I'm not suggesting I'm the sport's gift to shotgunners, either. But I have spent, and continue to spend, lots of time chasing birds and clays with shotguns. It keeps the skill fresh and allows me time to experiment with techniques and possible improvements to my shooting.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yes, you should be afraid.

First of all, this story doesn't really make sense. People break into homes to take showers? I thought it was usually to steal stuff. I guess in retrospect, the perp was stealing hot water and maybe soap. But, he looks like a dirty hippy and I didn't think dirty hippies bathed. Otherwise, they wouldn't be....dirty...hippies?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Junk and Stuff


I really think the Phelps' are worthy of nothing more than contempt and scorn. That said, the Court did come to the right decision. Free speech means letting the morons have their say, too.


Just too cool. Want.