Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some people in Wisconsin, USA are stupid

So let me get this straight. The Wisconsin Senate was set to debate a measure to remove certain (but not all) collective bargaining powers for public employees in an effort to reduce a budget deficit.

1. Trying to reduce debt. OK.
2. Open debate on the issue and the means. Good.

So, what do some WI legislators do? Flee the state to block numbers 1 and 2. Meanwhile, union members/organizers/activists protest at the state capitol, claiming that the measure to be debated is anti-democratic.

1. Legislators fleeing the state to avoid a debate is democracy-in-action? No.
2. Union members helping to force a standstill in the state government is
democracy in action? No.

This isn't "power to the people" as one lawmaker tried to claim. This is usurpation of the democratic process enshrined in our republic. And all these public "employees" should be ashamed.

The 'Progressives' are here, they are dangerous, and if you look behind the curtain, you'll see the likes of Alinsky and Ayers calling the plays, posthumously or otherwise. I'm just waiting for them to declare a "Day of Rage" to really seal the deal.

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