Sunday, February 13, 2011

Like shooting holes in cheese?

OK, so the post title is a weak attempt to combine shooting humor and cheese humor. But it seems the Swiss have voted to remain free, at least for now.

Interesting how the proponents of gun control are urban regions and

"...a broad coalition of NGOs, trade unions, churches, pacifists and centre-left parties."

Sound familiar? The Socialists, the Socialists, the Socialists, and, oh yes, the Socialists. The same people that think They Know Better than you. Government is the solution, 'people' are the problem. What they should do is just be honest - "freedom" is the problem, in their eyes. Self-determination, initiative, desire and a willingness to work harder than the next guy to get ahead - these are all dirty concepts.

They'll solve the problem by stripping freedoms, one at a time, creating absolute dependency and then dictating the terms by which you'll live your life. The goal is obvious, but the method and execution are insidious. It starts with your guns, your carbon emissions, your liquor, your cigarettes or your food supply. These are all things that 'regular' people can somehow agree are bad and should be controlled. Then it moves on to speech and ideas and expression (the Germans, their national history aside, are a prime example here with their anti-Nazi laws). This country has a shameful past in the history of slavery. To this day, we don't ban the KKK or prevent them from marching. No, we're generally intelligent enough to let them do their thing and then regard them with disdain and contempt. Their ideas and expression of those ideas are protected. Our freedom and open society inform us that those ideas are wrong and they lose in the end.

It's a screed here, I'll admit. As I said, though, it starts with 'guns' or 'booze' or 'carbon' and just marches on. Stop them. Now. Everywhere.

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