Monday, February 7, 2011

Interesting take on large capacity magazines, with a focus on the 33-round units for a Glock. Pretty well-written and thoughtful, and surprised to see it in the Post.

I do differ with the author, in part, though.

"For them, the Glock with a 33-round magazine is the weapon of maximum utility. You can load it on Sunday and shoot it all month. (Nobody wants to reload a gun while being shot at.) It's light and easy to control. You don't have to carry it or conceal it; it's under the bed or in the drawer until needed. When the question arises of who needs an extended magazine, the answer is: the most defenseless of the defenseless."
I'm not sure I totally agree here. 33 rounds of 9mm, plus the weight of the firearm (which granted, isn't much, thanks to all that nylon) isn't "light". It's not overly burdensome, but it certainly is not light. As for "easy to control", that big stick hanging out of the grip is not necessarily hard to control, but if you're not used to it, things can get a bit unwieldy.

Of course the practical solution to both my exceptions is practice, practice and more practice. Develop the necessary muscle memory and muscle strength and you'll be fine. Mind you, given a choice, the scattergun is what I'd prefer as my first line of defense. To paraphrase, the pistol just buys me some time and space for getting to it.

Shoot safe and have fun.

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