Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A better type of wealth 'redistribution'

Instead of the government taking my taxes and using them to fund wasteful, unhelpful programs and policies that end up lining the pockets of labor, lobbyists and special interests, here's a better idea.

Guns are expensive and in today's down economy (recession, depression, take your pick - it sucks) few law abiding folks can afford to drop $300-$900 on a quality self-defense firearm, be that a pistol, shotgun or rifle. Even at the low end, you've got to pick between a noisemaker and food/rent/gas/heat/electricity in the most practical and realistic of situations.

So, each year we hear about law enforcement gun 'buybacks' (really another term for theft, IMO, but that's another post.) Agencies claim these firearms are checked to see if they were used in a crime and then either held as evidence or destroyed. It is wasteful and silly to destroy perfectly good and useful firearms, though probably wise to trash ones beyond repair or service. So let's take the good ones out of the batch and give them (along with training) to people who need them. Assuming you are not a prohibited person, are trained in safe use and storage and have a need, why not? By "need", I mean general good-cause, i.e. "self-defense" is just perfectly fine with me. And you can pick and choose among what will work best for you - an AR-15, a shotgun, a revolver, a semiautomatic pistol and so forth.

I seems only reasonable.

Inspired by this story.

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