Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Deer season is here. X8 for me this time around. An A-zone tag is sitting in my drawer, but it probably won't get used this year. Been doing some scouting up in X8 - seems a little tricky since those deer are migratory and typically "here today, gone tomorrow". So unless I want to get up on the crest and glass for deer at 9500 feet, no dice (for the most part).

On the other hand, I found tons and tons and tons of bear sign a couple weekends ago - most of it relatively (1-2 weeks) recent. I'm pretty sure DF&G underestimates the actual California bear population by a factor of at least 1.5, maybe even 2.

Between now and the opener it's time to squeeze in some trout fishing. The Mokelumne was a good bet several weeks ago, above 8000 feet, with plenty of typical brookies taking the fly. Down lower most of the rivers were still blown out, with the exception of the West Fork, Carson. That's a challenging river (at least for me). Took me a while to dial in the right patterns, and even then interest was minimal. Probably a combination of heat, so-so presentation, and not perfectly matching what the fish wanted to see that day/minute/hour/second.

For anyone hunting up high this year, bring a scattergun if deer is slow - mountain quail opens 9/12. May even have to take a "Scouting" trip that weekend. ;)

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