Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Here piggy....

Well, I've been spending some time looking for pork to stash in the freezer. Last weekend I took a trip down to Fresno County. Nothing. Not even scat or rootings. Saw plenty of other stuff like rabbits and quail (N.B. - the quail population should be healthy this year with all the cover and feed for the little critters), but no pigs.

So I'm leaving for home and I take a shortcut from Highway 25 over to 101. A couple miles up, what do I see? A herd of sows and piglets. On private property. Just ACROSS the road from some club property. Never mind the group of turkey I saw a few miles before that. Oh well.

So Saturday I head down to the same area. Get there just before sunup and hunt and hike, seeing nothing. It got warm, so I figured San Benito County was a no-go for that day, too. About 4:30 I'm leaving to start the trek back home. Not 100 yards up the road, again on private property, I spy 3 good sized boars. Two were typical looking for what I'm used to, but one was a brown razorback with 2-3 inch tusks. I had the shot 5 or 6 different times. I had my pick of which one was going in the freezer. Though to be honest, if I'd taken the razorback, it would have been a wall mount, for sure. But, once again, private property, not a legal shot, so I watched them through the glasses for a while till they got wind of me and moved off. I waited, hoping they'd cross the road onto land I have permission to hunt. No such luck.

I'm pretty sure hunting pressure on the lands I hunt pushed them over to where they knew they were safe. I'm really starting to re-think this whole private club membership nonsense. I wonder if I'd be better off burning the money on gas and phone bills, calling/visiting land owners and asking for trespass rights (even offering a small trespass fee or part of the kill or whatever they like.)

Or, maybe this just isn't going to be my year to put a pig in the freezer. On the bright side, it's already June, the feed and cover are good, water is everywhere, and the deer should be healthy. Looking forward to going out with dad in a couple of months. Plus fishing in the mountains should be nice once the runoff is done, and I'm hopeful for pheasant and turkey seasons. :)

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