Monday, February 1, 2010

And that's a wrap.

Quail season is officially over in my part of the world. I got in exactly one trip, with no birds taken this year. By the time I got around to looking for them, they were already skittish as could be. The deep mud at my usual hunting grounds didn't help, either. I had to skip hunting some of the best parts of the ranch due to inaccessible road conditions. So, what's next?

Well, some of the tailwaters in the central valley (Goodwin, New Hogan) are happening spots to be. With all the rains things have been a little muddied up, but if this weeks storms don't push the flows too high, the weekend might be good.

Steelhead is always an option, though I've never been much of a steelhead fisherman. If pop invites me along, I may go poke around the Garcia. Unfortunately, time off work/life/home/family is in short supply these days, and I'm not entirely sure why.

Pigs. They're always an option. I think I'd like to wait until the hills green up a bit more and the grasses and shoots really start to make an appearance. Plus, no fun hiking in thick, nasty mud. However, if we get a couple weeks of no rain, followed by some weather, I might try to go then. The ground will be drier, and the pigs may be out under cover of rain/clouds foraging. We'll see. Down here they're hard to find. If I lived up north it would be a different story.

Now might also be a good time to brush up on the scattergun skills with some sporting clays.

So, the "off" season really isn't all that off. Though sometimes I treat it as such. Time to get back out there!

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