Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ISE is in town!

No, not ice - after all, this is California. ISE - The International Sportsmen's Exposition - is coming to town later this week and weekend.

For those who don't know, this event comes to San Mateo's Expo Center once a year and features all sorts of guides, vendors, retailers, manufacturers and other outdoors-oriented folks. Wilderness Unlimited will be there (I'm a member, but I'm not trying to push anyone to join, for what it's worth), as will all the big fly rod companies, local fly shops, guides galore and perhaps most importantly, Beef Jerky Vendors (insert California gun show jokes here).

I'm planning to head over there Saturday with the wife and kid. If you see a guy drooling over the boats or bird dogs, that'll be me. Boat Fund donations always accepted, mind you! I encourage anyone in the area to take a trip out there for a look. I'm not going there to work the blogger angle, though I will have a full report after. And I'm taking the wife so I'll be less likely to further damage my credit card balance. ;)

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