Sunday, January 17, 2010

Melting ISE

Just a quick update. I went to ISE in San Mateo yesterday with junior in tow. Looks like quite a few vendors have pulled out, especially guide services. The show was condensed down into 2 halls (one big, one small) and even those weren't totally full. I'm hearing rumors from folks I know working various booths that this may very well be the last year for ISE in San Mateo. I'm also told that most of the vendors not present in San Mateo will be at the Sacramento (Cal Expo) show, so that's a small glimmer of hope.

I did check out these UltraFlex Slings and thought they were pretty slick. I'm planning to get at least one, since the owner was demonstrating with a Remington 700 and the overall fit and feel was outstanding.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ISE is in town!

No, not ice - after all, this is California. ISE - The International Sportsmen's Exposition - is coming to town later this week and weekend.

For those who don't know, this event comes to San Mateo's Expo Center once a year and features all sorts of guides, vendors, retailers, manufacturers and other outdoors-oriented folks. Wilderness Unlimited will be there (I'm a member, but I'm not trying to push anyone to join, for what it's worth), as will all the big fly rod companies, local fly shops, guides galore and perhaps most importantly, Beef Jerky Vendors (insert California gun show jokes here).

I'm planning to head over there Saturday with the wife and kid. If you see a guy drooling over the boats or bird dogs, that'll be me. Boat Fund donations always accepted, mind you! I encourage anyone in the area to take a trip out there for a look. I'm not going there to work the blogger angle, though I will have a full report after. And I'm taking the wife so I'll be less likely to further damage my credit card balance. ;)

Monday, January 4, 2010

And one more insult

Should have posted this sooner, but the holidays sort of messed up my posting schedule.

In a nutshell, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Sierra Club want the California Department of Fish and Game to ban or restrict (depending on species) hunting in the Mojave National Preserve.

I suspect nothing more than "desert tortoise" = "condor" in the 'lead poisoning' sense, i.e. fake 'science'.

Let DFG know your thoughts. More information here:

Insult to injury.

So apparently mother nature decided that after slogging around the muddy hills of Fresno County, I needed to be smitten with some sort of microscopic foe. It's either the regular flu or the oink flu, but either way the doc put me on fistfuls of drugs. Feeling a little better today, but not much else to say on that front.

I've just about got everything together to go do some patterning of various 12 gauge ammo, and if I can wiggle the loan of a 20 gauge, I'll be testing some of that ammo as well. Just waiting for this infestation to subside and a week or so of dry weather so I don't end up stuck in neck-deep mud at my shooting spot.

This being 2010 and all, I figured I'd put out something of a two pronged question to my readership - carrying while hunting. I'm assuming you're not hunting a handgun season, that this is a backup/dispatching weapon or for either 2-legged or 4-legged threats. I realize that in some places, the idea of running into a 2-legged predator are slim to none. But here in California we seem to have this habit of putting things like marijuana fields and meth labs in really isolated places.

So, first - what kind of handgun - semiauto or revolver. Second, which caliber (feel free to get specific to brand/model as I realize things like reliability play a big role in what folks drag into the hinterboonies.)

As the first data point, it's almost always a 1911 in 45ACP (is there any other)? If I'll be doing long hikes, then a smaller 9mm is my backup choice in the form of an old S&W Model 39-2 I found in a consignment shop a year ago. Be gentle - in California we're more and more limited to what pistols we can legally acquire as new, and finding consignment sales of not-not-unsafe-handguns is tricky and costly.

Here's to my immune system doing some heavy lifting the next few days!