Saturday, November 7, 2009

Range and Ammunition Results

OK, so I made it out for a couple hours of range time today. Other than a Garand shooting a bit lower that I'd like (I'll have to zero it later, I ran out of time), the Remington 700 did well.

Here is the first target. Nine rounds total of Federal Premium, loaded with 150 grain Sierra Game King BTSP, Federal Premium with the 165 grain Barnes TSX bullets, and a couple of Lake City (CMP) rounds with a 1974 date stamp. Overall, not bad. These were my warm up, knock the cobwebs off and fouling shots. Far left and lower left are the LC rounds, the rest of the cloverleafs are Federal stuff. The ones outside the pasted target were me fiddling around with some elevation and windage adjustments and were purposefully directed off target. Honestly!

And here is the target where I went to work after letting the gun cool about 20 minutes.

The bottom "crescent" is the first 3 rounds, the upper "triangle" is the second group of 3. The rifle (or the shooter, most likely!) didn't group as tightly as I'd have liked. But everything was in the 10, with a couple touching the bullseye. Not bad. Better than I've ever shot with Remington or Winchester ammo.

I've taken exactly one animal with the Federal Premium/Barnes TSX combo - a 80-90lb sow a while back at a range of about 60 yards. The bullet struck the heart and she only made it a few yards before she fell. I was sold on the stopping performance of the Barnes TSX bullet at that point. As an added benefit, I know I can run this stuff in my rifles for any big game in California. No need to worry about testing new brands or batches of ammo when hunting in lead free vs. non-lead free (i.e. California Condor Friendly) parts of the state.


  1. That condor zone really gets me fired up. It was not scientifically proven that lead from bullets was causing the high levels in condors. Not to mention for every one that dies from lead there are 10 that become instant crispy critters on the high power lines.

    It's been a full year since the condor zone was made lead free yet there isn't a significant drop in the amount of lead found in the condors. And their answer to this?!?!? Hunters are clearly still hunting with lead bullets. Bah. I saw they're getting it some where else.

  2. The rules are really stupid. At the risk of tempting fate, I'll note that the regs currently still let us hunting upland game birds with lead shot (assuming you're not on waterfowl land and under Federal no-lead regulation). So what happens if I cripple or lose a quail or pheasant or dove? Sure, it's terrible form to do so, but even the best hunters have this happen to them. The bird dies and a condor gets a free meal. Plausible scenario, but apparently shotguns don't scare the anti-gunners as much, or else their ability to think is seriously impaired to start with.

    Case in point, a couple seasons ago I shot a nice valley quail in condor land. I saw it go down behind a stand of oak, so I hiked over and as I crested a ridge, a hawk was flying off with my bird. I felt so used. ;) That hawk could just as easily have been a condor.

  3. Ed,

    Are you aware of the 5 feeding stations the state has maintained since the 70's to feed the condors? If we (the state) doesn't dump carcasses at those stations the birds would starve. They're apparently unable to find food on their own.

    The lead ban in the condor zone is just another attempt by those opposed to hunting to take away that right.

  4. I was aware that the State dumped screened carcasses at various places, but I didn't know that they were designated stations. It doesn't surprise me in the least. Welfare for humans, welfare for a species whose time has long since passed. Makes sense, from their perspective, I'm sure.

    I hunt only upland game in fringes of the condor zone and try to spend big game time in non-condor territory. I really prefer not to have to deal with the non-lead BS as much as possible, despite putting quite a bit of time and effort into fighting the legislature, the governor and DFG on the matter.

    Between AB962, condor restrictions, the current Mojave preserve proposal and the general dislike of hunters in this state, the powers that be want hunting a dead sport in this state. When that happens, I'm voting with my feet and heading for Idaho or Montana.

  5. I am leaving in 24 days for Missouri; I've had enough.

    I saw the letter concerning the MNP and was disgusted. I saw a really good rebuttal for it as well, have you seen it? It blows BIG holes in what they claimed. I have hunted the MNP quite a bit for coyotes and bobcats. It would a shame to loose all of that.

    And don't forget about that cross the ACLU wants to take down!