Friday, November 6, 2009

Ammunition Testing and Trigger Work

Just a heads up. I'm planning to head to the range tomorrow morning to test out a new batch of Federal Premium Vital-Shok topped with 165 grain Barnes TSX bullets in 30-06. This is also a chance to double-check zero on the rifle, as I had to pull the action from the stock after deer hunting (water + wood + blued steel = bad if left uncleaned.)

As a teaser, here's what the rifle can do:


- Bone-stock Remington 700 in BDL trim
- Leupold VX-II 3-9x x 40mm
- Trigger pull set at 3.5 pounds

No fancy barrels, no firing pin, bolt or other work. No stock bedding, either. In case you're wondering, that target was from a trip where I was trying to learn to shoot the rifle with gloved hands. Three of the wide shots were with a gloved trigger finger and we'll call the left-most ungrouped shot a flier (it was). The 'tear' above the bullseye represents the last 6 rounds, 3 + 3, with a 10 minute cooling period between groups, shooting ungloved. The 6 shot group is intentionally high to get me on target a bit over 100 yards out. Any of those shots would have been within the vitals of a deer, pig or bear, but I prefer it if I'm shooting sub-MOA groups.

Let's hope for similar results tomorrow morning. And no, I won't be wearing stupid gloves. I'll manage with cold fingers.

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